Know Thyself, Empower Thyself

At 2EmpowerThyself you will learn to heal and understand yourself.

It is for all those seeking comfort, hope and inspiration in these confusing times of spiritual test and trials.

You, who are here, knows there is more to life than a good education, a good job, and good entertainment leading to inevitable death.​

Seekers come to find meaning and understanding​ but have failed with organized religion, new age culture, spiritualism, materialism and gurus.

The aim is to provide the stepping stone that will awakening your spiritual journey.

I extend my warm welcome to those treading or perhaps still looking for their spiritual path and also those who are at the very beginning of their search.

It is also the place to find clarity for your psychic and spiritual experiences in a world full of misunderstanding.

Empower yourself and take control of your life. Grow spiritually and understand yourself. Heal yourself and others.

2EmpowerThyself – Harness the Infinite Power of Mind and Spirit

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If you are looking for black magick, fanciful imaginations, quick fixes, new age or any other misguided traps that throw you off your path, you will not find anything here. I do not ask you to accept anything here as truth. Instead, I ask you to be your own teacher, your own student. All that is needed is to be completely open to any possible truths, which means you must question everything. To question everything means your own personal conviction – beliefs and theories – until you have full clarity in which you intend to seek. Explore the universe and consciousness instead of accepting science and religion, other people’s beliefs, how nature works, etc. You are your own master, your own leader, your own explorer. 2EmpowerThyself is the place with the tools and insight to help guide you find your own spiritual truth.

“Experience Everything, Attach to Nothing”