Know Thyself, Empower Thyself

At 2EmpowerThyself you will learn to free your own mind and create your reality.

In your mind you have talents and abilities, which if developed, can transform your life.

You will have the keys that will unlock your secret potential and awaken hidden powers which already lie dormant within you.

The aim is to provide the stepping stone that will take you from mastering your physical conditions to awakening your inner senses to realizing spiritual truth.

For past centuries, the knowledge and power within has been kept hidden. We are seeking that spiritual wisdom and knowledge that would set us free from the bondage to illusion, while strengthening us in body, mind and spirit.

By learning the universal laws, the nature of reality, emotional mastery, and harnessing the mental and spiritual powers, you can begin to consciously direct your life.

2EmpowerThyself – Harness the Infinite Power of Mind and Spirit

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If you are looking for fanciful imaginations, quick fixes, or a perfect, challenge free-life or any other misguided traps that throw you off your path, you will not find anything here.

What is presented here to the spiritual seeker is to weave through the illusions of reality and have the power to empower ourselves in spiritual freedom, joy and wisdom.

2EmpowerThyself is the set of sacred tools that gives you the power to unlock the dormant spiritual power deep within you.

The articles are presented in the simplest, practical, organized and clear format – without the vagueness and the fluff.

All you need is an open mind and a powerful intent.

Question your beliefs, your traditions, your views, analyze yourself, for those things you hold onto so dearly may not be who you truly are in the present.

2EmpowerThyself is written to suit the needs of the modern understanding and in the age of great stress and world awakening.

“Experience Everything, Attach to Nothing”

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