“My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration” – Nikola Tesla

The Akashic Records is where we gain clarity and guidance. Here are definitions and terms where we may seek from.

Mind Power: Our inner creative power, the driving force for everything.

NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming. The language of mind.

Hypnosis: Techniques to enter deeper consciousness, Hypnagogia state, to achieve results.

Meditation: Theta consciousness state, like Hypnosis, but the purpose is to simply “Be”.

Sacred Science: The synthesis of all ancient wisdom and its patterns.

Occult/Esoteric: Hidden, usually mean the study and use of energy.

Energy: the mysterious thing that makes all life move.

Intuition: a flash of insight and wisdom and spontaneous glimpse of truth without effort. It is the teacher within speaking to you.

Spirit: God, the source and origin of All.

Brain: The tool of the Mind. The biological mass of cells and nerves in our cranium.

Mind: The One who is operating the brain.

Soul: The holder of Mind and Spirit, the thing that holds together your spiritual self and material self. In animals and plants, it is the animator of the body.

Higher Self: Our true spiritual and eternal self, where our memories and intuition resides, the personal God, our perfect self behind the Earthly identity.

Astral Body: the part of us that is emotional and psychic. The light body that travels the astral realm.

Awakening: Self-realization of Who You Truly Are and your reality.

Enlightenment: Fully self-realized of Self above All, who knows All, becomes One with All.

Subconscious Mind: Subjective Mind, internal imagination, the messenger.

Universe: Universal Mind, the tree of life, nature, superconscious/Unconscious mind.

Heaven: Realm of higher vibration than the Earth, which nature is love and harmony, and divided by ethereal flame.

Hell: Means Divided. It is a realm where the vibration is divided against the world.

Earth: The battlefield and school of life where new souls are put into class of Heaven or class of Hell, or repeat in Earth.

Reincarnation: The birth and rebirth of life of the immortal soul

Ego: The animal, earthly, personality and identity

Fate: The god of Earth realm, whose power is generation (birth and death) and change (illusion). Some called it “Nature” or “Physics”.

Akasha: The ethereal plane of existence, or the root of existence.

Akashic Record: The place where all information is stored in the Akasha realm.