7 fundamental spiritual virtues

7 Fundamental Spiritual Virtues

Virtue is not just a quality of goodness but a vast science of personal perfection. When we approach virtue the right way, we can understand ourselves and who we truly are on a deeper level. The spiritual seeker who doesn’t appreciate the importance of virtues will be farther away from the journey which he seeks.…

raising your vibrations

The Dark Side of Raising Your Vibrations

What Does Raising Your Vibrations Mean? Many people tend to talk about raising your vibrations to mean positive and negative emotions. That positive emotions like love, joy, compassion are high vibration and negative emotions like anger, fear, and shame are lower vibration This is not what I am talking about. Raising vibrations is soul maturity…

10 types of energy healing

10 Types of Energy Healing

10 Types of Energy Healing There is only one energy but many different ways to heal someone. Energy is the life essence that makes up life, the force which creates life. It is also known as Qi, Ki, prana, life force, psi, etc. Science is now starting to realize that the fundamental blocks that makes…