power of silence

The Power of Silence

“Be still! The crown of life is silentness…” – A.L. Salmon

Words are powerful, but silence is more powerful still.

The greatest men teaches us most effectively not by words.

You can be the most clever talker. You can say the most profound truths.

And you can have all the answers to prove to others your way.

But at the end of the day, the loudest one in the room is usually the weakest.

One who conserves his speeches conserves his power.

For the strong and spiritually matured are silent.

Words Waste Energy

When you muster to speak, you share your energy to others.

Knowing when to speak and what to say is the same as controlling your energy.

If you can conserve your energy, you have more.

You can do more, live longer, and have greater power when you do speak.

But by spreading one’s tongue, we find no strength in feeble talks.

He is like a small dog – bark a lot but quite harmless.

When one argues, gossips, and babbles on, he lost a portion of his energy out into the void.

He talks many, but says nothing.

His mind is ever on the defensive.

Words running through his mind like the sounds of trains never-ending.

He is not at peace. His mind uncontrolled. And his energy gone instantly.